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Project Description
Help computer make brains. (Well, tiny artificial mathematical abstractions of brain-like behavior). This project is a Neural Network library designed to allow for ragged (i.e. not fully connected) networks and to allow connections that skip a layer.

Current Status

07/07/2011 - Moved To Github git://

I'm currently updating the code to take advantage of features that came in .NET 2.0, which was released after I wrote the additional libraries. I had Visual Studio generate tests and I'm currently working to make sure that I get 100% test pass. Currently, I've fixed 36 out of 339 tests. As I write tests I will also try to update the code where it makes sense.

Fuller Description

The project is being updated. I haven't looked at this code since 2006-ish when I was working on a vision project for a class. It was originally released under the GNU GPL at I'm re-releasing it under a Microsoft Public License on CodePlex. This code is currently in a broken state. So, if you download it and something doesn't work, you can try to fix it or wait until I fix it.

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